Kuber is a progressive new age construction company, with a proven ability to deliver a full range of civil construction services.

We have the experience of completing several civil, structural, facade, finishing, MEP & interior works for various types of projects. We predominantly specialize in handling bespoke turnkey projects, having completed several industrial buildings and ongoing luxury residential project.

What differentiates Kuber is its dedicated approach to innovation by delivering integrated solutions across a wide spectrum including general contracting, construction management, design-build and pre-construction planning services for projects of all sizes.

The key to our on-time delivery capability in the construction of luxury residential towers and industrial buildings is the use of modern business practices and techniques.

  • Turnkey
  • Planning and
  • Construction Project
  • Civil
  • Site & Project
  • Industrial

Our Ethos



To be one of the most progressive construction companies of WEST Africa, that is

  • Admired for its quality,
  • Admired for its timely delivery,
  • Admired for its environment responsibility,
  • Admired for its ethical practices.


We are committed to adding value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, professionalism, service response, and quality workmanship.

Core Values

  • Integrity

    We operate with the utmost professionalism and ethical behaviour.

  • Commitment

    We believe in delivering our best quality work for everyone, no matter what.

  • Innovation

    We seek to positively challenge what we do and how we do it.

  • Collaboration

    We build positive, long-term relationships and promote cross-team work culture always.

  • Quality

    We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the first time.

  • Sustainability

    We adhere to international best practices to protect the environment.

sustainable APPROACH

Quality Management

We pride ourselves for our reputation we have earned of providing quality service and to ensure this, we are continually evaluating and improving. Our commitment is to provide solutions that do not just fit-the-purpose, but which exceed expectations in terms of build-design and functionality. We follow 4 basic principles in terms of rigorous quality control:

  • Perform correctly the first time to ensure cost effectiveness and efficiency
  • Successfully identify and control the quality standard and quality of design as defined by our clients
  • Supplement high quality material from select suppliers
  • Ensure optimized resource utilization by adopting the best construction methods, equipment and personnel


As we believe that a protected environment holds the future for all, we are committed to maintain a clean environment and support it in a sustainable manner over the long term. We continuously strive to adopt the best greener construction practices in all our developments in order to minimize adverse effects.

  • Comply with all legal and statutory requirements
  • Observe all environmental provisions regularly
  • Utilize the most modern and sustainable construction processes
  • Greater focus on construction methods and materials


The health and safety of our employees is an absolute prerequisite to our construction practices. We strive to building and maintaining a safe working environment and ensure its continual improvement by following the industry best practices with clear and non-negotiable standards and procedures.

  • Develop and maintain a safe working environment
  • Provide regular on-going training to employees
  • Review and improve compliance of legislation
  • Enhance the wellbeing of our employees